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Our system is ideal for digital products. Both as software providers, e-book authors, music providers, photographers, filmmakers, as well as for membership areas, cloud solutions, video courses or event ticketing and worldwide electronically provided remote services. With our system you can automate your online business, scale it as you like, connect it to our large sales partner network and concentrate on your core competence: your product.


We enable you to work on your online business with the best tools. We therefore guarantee full integration with third-party providers such as Klick-Tipp, Digimember, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign and Getresponse and attach great importance to you keeping your flexibility.


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ok 300 x 250 Pixel Banner in der rechten Seitenleiste



29,90 €

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ok 300 x 250 Banner in der Seitenleiste

ok 724 x 80 Pixel Banner im Text

ok 724 x 80 Pixel Banner im Footer

69,90 €



OK 300 x 250 Banner in der Seitenleiste

OK 724 x 80 Pixel Banner im Text


49,90 €



ok 350×250 pixel banner in the sidebar,



299,00 €

Best Value



ok 350×250 banner in the sidebar

ok + 724×80 banner in text

ok + 724×80 banner in the footer,

699,00 €



OK 350×250 banner in the sidebar

OK + 724×80 banner in text


490,00 €


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The monthly audience reach of our site exceeds 1,000,000 visitors from the EU and the world, so many people will see your product’s advertisement, some of which will become your customers – which will bring you profit. Thus, advertising on a dummy com is your investment

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Gold: 350×250 banner in the sidebar + 724×80 banner in text + 724×80 banner in the footer, 69€. Thus, you will reach a significantly larger number of your potential customers. But you can also take advantage of other offers if this is a large price for you.

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